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Accepted name: prostaglandin-E2 9-reductase

Reaction: (5Z,13E)-(15S)-9α,11α,15-trihydroxyprosta-5,13-dienoate + NADP+ = (5Z,13E)-(15S)-11α,15-dihydroxy-9-oxoprosta-5,13-dienoate + NADPH + H+

Other name(s): PGE2-9-OR; reductase, 15-hydroxy-9-oxoprostaglandin; 9-keto-prostaglandin E2 reductase; 9-ketoprostaglandin reductase; PGE-9-ketoreductase; PGE2 9-oxoreductase; PGE2-9-ketoreductase; prostaglandin 9-ketoreductase; prostaglandin E 9-ketoreductase; prostaglandin E2-9-oxoreductase

Systematic name: (5Z,13E)-(15S)-9α,11α,15-trihydroxyprosta-5,13-dienoate:NADP+ 9-oxidoreductase

Comments: Reduces prostaglandin E2 to prostaglandin F2α. A number of other 9-oxo- and 15-oxo-prostaglandin derivatives can also be reduced to the corresponding hydroxy compounds. May be identical with EC 15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase (NADP+).

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1. Lee, S.-C. and Levine, L. Purification and regulatory properties of chicken heart prostaglandin E 9-ketoreductase. J. Biol. Chem. 250 (1975) 4549-4555. [PMID: 166995]

2. Schlegel, W., Krüger, S. and Korte, K. Purification of prostaglandin E2 9-oxoreductase from human decidua vera. FEBS Lett. 171 (1984) 141-144. [PMID: 6586494]

3. Tai, H.-H. and Yuan, B. Purification and assay of 9-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase from rat kidney. Methods Enzymol. 86 (1982) 113-117. [PMID: 7132747]

4. Watkins, J.D. and Jarabak, J. The effect of NaCl intake on 9-ketoprostaglandin reductase activity in the rabbit kidney. Prostaglandins 30 (1985) 335-349. [PMID: 3901124]

[EC created 1984, modified 1989]

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