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Accepted name: (S)-1-phenylethanol dehydrogenase

Reaction: (S)-1-phenylethanol + NAD+ = acetophenone + NADH + H+

Other name(s): PED

Systematic name: (S)-1-phenylethanol:NAD+ oxidoreductase

Comments: The enzyme is involved in degradation of ethylbenzene.

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1. Kniemeyer, O. and Heider, J. (S)-1-phenylethanol dehydrogenase of Azoarcus sp. strain EbN1, an enzyme of anaerobic ethylbenzene catabolism. Arch. Microbiol. 176 (2001) 129-135. [PMID: 11479712]

2. Hoffken, H.W., Duong, M., Friedrich, T., Breuer, M., Hauer, B., Reinhardt, R., Rabus, R. and Heider, J. Crystal structure and enzyme kinetics of the (S)-specific 1-phenylethanol dehydrogenase of the denitrifying bacterium strain EbN1. Biochemistry 45 (2006) 82-93. [PMID: 16388583]

[EC created 2011]

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