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Accepted name: 8-hydroxygeraniol dehydrogenase

Reaction: (6E)-8-hydroxygeraniol + 2 NADP+ = (6E)-8-oxogeranial + 2 NADPH + 2 H+ (overall reaction)
(1a) (6E)-8-hydroxygeraniol + NADP+ = (6E)-8-hydroxygeranial + NADPH + H+
(1b) (6E)-8-hydroxygeraniol + NADP+ = (6E)-8-oxogeraniol + NADPH + H+
(1c) (6E)-8-hydroxygeranial+ NADP+ = (6E)-8-oxogeranial + NADPH + H+
(1d) (6E)-8-oxogeraniol + NADP+ = (6E)-8-oxogeranial + NADPH + H+

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Other name(s): 8-hydroxygeraniol oxidoreductase; CYP76B10; G10H; CrG10H; SmG10H; acyclic monoterpene primary alcohol:NADP+ oxidoreductase

Systematic name: (6E)-8-hydroxygeraniol:NADP+ oxidoreductase

Comments: Contains Zn2+. The enzyme catalyses the oxidation of (6E)-8-hydroxygeraniol to (6E)-8-oxogeranial via either (6E)-8-hydroxygeranial or (6E)-8-oxogeraniol. Also acts on geraniol, nerol and citronellol. May be identical to EC geraniol dehydrogenase. The recommended numbering of geraniol gives 8-hydroxygeraniol as the substrate rather than 10-hydroxygeraniol as used by references 1 and 2. See prenol nomenclature Pr-1.

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1. Ikeda, H., Esaki, N., Nakai, S., Hashimoto, K., Uesato, S., Soda, K. and Fujita, T. Acyclic monoterpene primary alcohol:NADP+ oxidoreductase of Rauwolfia serpentina cells: the key enzyme in biosynthesis of monoterpene alcohols. J. Biochem. 109 (1991) 341-347. [PMID: 1864846]

2. Hallahan, D.L., West, J.M., Wallsgrove, R.M., Smiley, D.W., Dawson, G.W., Pickett, J.A. and Hamilton, J.G. Purification and characterization of an acyclic monoterpene primary alcohol:NADP+ oxidoreductase from catmint (Nepeta racemosa). Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 318 (1995) 105-112. [PMID: 7726550]

[EC created 2012]

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