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Accepted name: lanthanide-dependent methanol dehydrogenase

Reaction: methanol + 2 oxidized cytochrome cL = formaldehyde + 2 reduced cytochrome cL

Other name(s): XoxF; XoxF-MDH; Ce-MDH; La3+-dependent MDH; Ce3+-induced methanol dehydrogenase; cerium dependent MDH

Systematic name: methanol:cytochrome cL oxidoreductase

Comments: Isolated from the bacterium Methylacidiphilum fumariolicum and many Methylobacterium species. Requires La3+, Ce3+, Pr3+ or Nd3+. The higher lanthanides show decreasing activity with Sm3+, Eu3+ and Gd3+. The lanthanide is coordinated by the enzyme and pyrroloquinoline quinone. Shows little activity with Ca2+, the required cofactor of EC, methanol dehydrogenase (cytochrome c).

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1. Hibi, Y., Asai, K., Arafuka, H., Hamajima, M., Iwama, T. and Kawai, K. Molecular structure of La3+-induced methanol dehydrogenase-like protein in Methylobacterium radiotolerans. J. Biosci. Bioeng. 111 (2011) 547-549. [PMID: 21256798]

2. Nakagawa, T., Mitsui, R., Tani, A., Sasa, K., Tashiro, S., Iwama, T., Hayakawa, T. and Kawai, K. A catalytic role of XoxF1 as La3+-dependent methanol dehydrogenase in Methylobacterium extorquens strain AM1. PLoS One 7 (2012) e50480. [PMID: 23209751]

3. Pol, A., Barends, T.R., Dietl, A., Khadem, A.F., Eygensteyn, J., Jetten, M.S. and Op den Camp, H.J. Rare earth metals are essential for methanotrophic life in volcanic mudpots. Environ Microbiol 16 (2014) 255-264. [PMID: 24034209]

4. Bogart, J.A., Lewis, A.J. and Schelter, E.J. DFT study of the active site of the XoxF-type natural, cerium-dependent methanol dehydrogenase enzyme. Chemistry Eur. J. 21 (2015) 1743-1748. [PMID: 25421364]

5. Prejano, M., Marino, T. and Russo, N. How can methanol dehydrogenase from Methylacidiphilum fumariolicum work with the alien Ce(III) ion in the active center? A theoretical study. Chemistry 23 (2017) 8652-8657. [PMID: 28488399]

6. Masuda, S., Suzuki, Y., Fujitani, Y., Mitsui, R., Nakagawa, T., Shintani, M. and Tani, A. Lanthanide-dependent regulation of methylotrophy in Methylobacterium aquaticum strain 22A. mSphere 3 (2018) e00462. [PMID: 29404411]

[EC created 2019]

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