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Accepted name: (S)-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase

Reaction: an (S)-2-hydroxy carboxylate + O2 = a 2-oxo carboxylate + H2O2

Other name(s): glycolate oxidase; hydroxy-acid oxidase A; hydroxy-acid oxidase B; glycolate oxidase; oxidase, L-2-hydroxy acid; hydroxyacid oxidase A; L-α-hydroxy acid oxidase; L-2-hydroxy acid oxidase

Systematic name: (S)-2-hydroxy-acid:oxygen 2-oxidoreductase

Comments: A flavoprotein (FMN). Exists as two major isoenzymes; the A form preferentially oxidizes short-chain aliphatic hydroxy acids, and was previously listed as EC, glycolate oxidase; the B form preferentially oxidizes long-chain and aromatic hydroxy acids. The rat isoenzyme B also acts as EC, L-amino-acid oxidase.

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[EC created 1972 (EC created 1961, incorporated 1984)]

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