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Accepted name: (R)-mandelonitrile oxidase

Reaction: (R)-mandelonitrile + O2 = benzoyl cyanide + H2O2

Other name(s): ChuaMOX (gene name)

Systematic name: (R)-mandelonitrile:oxygen oxidoreductase

Comments: Contains FAD. The enzyme, characterized from the millipede Chamberlinius hualienensis, is segregated from its substrate, which is contained in special sacs. The sacs are ruptured during defensive behavior, allowing the enzyme and substrate to mix in special reaction chambers leading to production of the defensive chemical benzoyl cyanide.

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1. Ishida, Y., Kuwahara, Y., Dadashipour, M., Ina, A., Yamaguchi, T., Morita, M., Ichiki, Y. and Asano, Y. A sacrificial millipede altruistically protects its swarm using a drone blood enzyme, mandelonitrile oxidase. Sci Rep 6 (2016) 26998. [PMID: 27265180]

[EC created 2016]

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