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Accepted name: plant seed peroxygenase

Reaction: R1H + R2OOH = R1OH + R2OH

Other name(s): plant peroxygenase; soybean peroxygenase

Systematic name: substrate:hydroperoxide oxidoreductase (RH-hydroxylating or epoxidising)

Comments: A heme protein with calcium binding motif (caleosin-type). Enzymes of this type include membrane-bound proteins found in seeds of different plants. They catalyse the direct transfer of one oxygen atom from an organic hydroperoxide, which is reduced into its corresponding alcohol to a substrate which will be oxidized. Reactions catalysed include hydroxylation, epoxidation and sulfoxidation. Preferred substrate and co-substrate are unsaturated fatty acids and fatty acid hydroperoxides, respectively. Plant seed peroxygenase is involved in the synthesis of cutin.

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1. Ishimaru, A. Purification and characterization of solubilized peroxygenase from microsomes of pea seeds. J. Biol. Chem. 254 (1979) 8427-8433. [PMID: 468835]

2. Blee, E., Wilcox, A.L., Marnett, L.J. and Schuber, F. Mechanism of reaction of fatty acid hydroperoxides with soybean peroxygenase. J. Biol. Chem. 268 (1993) 1708-1715. [PMID: 8420948]

3. Hamberg, M. and Hamberg, G. Peroxygenase-catalyzed fatty acid epoxidation in cereal seeds (sequential oxidation of linoleic acid into 9(S),12(S),13(S)-trihydroxy-10(E)-octadecenoic acid). Plant Physiol. 110 (1996) 807-815. [PMID: 12226220]

4. Lequeu, J., Fauconnier, M.L., Chammai, A., Bronner, R. and Blee, E. Formation of plant cuticle: evidence for the occurrence of the peroxygenase pathway. Plant J. 36 (2003) 155-164. [PMID: 14535881]

5. Hanano, A., Burcklen, M., Flenet, M., Ivancich, A., Louwagie, M., Garin, J. and Blee, E. Plant seed peroxygenase is an original heme-oxygenase with an EF-hand calcium binding motif. J. Biol. Chem. 281 (2006) 33140-33151. [PMID: 16956885]

[EC created 2011]

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