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Accepted name: L-tyrosine peroxygenase

Reaction: L-tyrosine + H2O2 = L-dopa + H2O

Systematic name: L-tyrosine:hydrogen-peroxide oxidoreductase (L-dopa-forming)

Comments: The enzyme from the bacterium Streptomyces lincolnensis participates in the biosynthesis of the antibiotic lincomycin A, while that from Streptomyces refuineus is involved in anthramycin biosynthesis. The enzyme, which contains a heme b cofactor, is rapidly inactivated in the presence of hydrogen peroxide, but the presence of L-tyrosine protects it. cf. EC, 3-methyl-L-tyrosine peroxygenase.

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1. Neusser, D., Schmidt, H., Spizek, J., Novotna, J., Peschke, U., Kaschabeck, S., Tichy, P. and Piepersberg, W. The genes lmbB1 and lmbB2 of Streptomyces lincolnensis encode enzymes involved in the conversion of L-tyrosine to propylproline during the biosynthesis of the antibiotic lincomycin A. Arch. Microbiol. 169 (1998) 322-332. [PMID: 9531633]

2. Connor, K.L., Colabroy, K.L. and Gerratana, B. A heme peroxidase with a functional role as an L-tyrosine hydroxylase in the biosynthesis of anthramycin. Biochemistry 50 (2011) 8926-8936. [PMID: 21919439]

[EC created 2020]

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