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Accepted name: cysteamine dioxygenase

Reaction: 2-aminoethanethiol + O2 = hypotaurine

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Other name(s): persulfurase; cysteamine oxygenase; cysteamine:oxygen oxidoreductase

Systematic name: 2-aminoethanethiol:oxygen oxidoreductase

Comments: A non-heme iron protein that is involved in the biosynthesis of taurine. Requires catalytic amounts of a cofactor-like compound, such as sulfur, sufide, selenium or methylene blue for maximal activity. 3-Aminopropanethiol (homocysteamine) and 2-sulfanylethan-1-ol (2-mercaptoethanol) can also act as substrates, but glutathione, cysteine, and cysteine ethyl- and methyl esters are not good substrates [1,3].

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1. Cavallini, D., de Marco, C., Scandurra, R., Duprè, S. and Graziani, M.T. The enzymatic oxidation of cysteamine to hypotaurine. Purification and properties of the enzyme. J. Biol. Chem. 241 (1966) 3189-3196. [PMID: 5912113]

2. Wood, J.L. and Cavallini, D. Enzymic oxidation of cysteamine to hypotaurine in the absence of a cofactor. Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 119 (1967) 368-372. [PMID: 6052430]

3. Cavallini, D., Federici, G., Ricci, G., Duprè, S. and Antonucci, A. The specificity of cysteamine oxygenase. FEBS Lett. 56 (1975) 348-351. [PMID: 1157952]

4. Richerson, R.B. and Ziegler, D.M. Cysteamine dioxygenase. Methods Enzymol. 143 (1987) 410-415. [PMID: 3657558]

[EC created 1972, modified 2006]

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