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Accepted name: all-trans-8'-apo-β-carotenal 15,15'-oxygenase

Reaction: all-trans-8'-apo-β-carotenal + O2 = all-trans-retinal + (2E,4E,6E)-2,6-dimethylocta-2,4,6-trienedial

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Other name(s): Diox1; ACO; 8'-apo-β-carotenal 15,15'-oxygenase

Systematic name: all-trans-8'-apo-β-carotenal:oxygen 15,15'-oxidoreductase (bond-cleaving)

Comments: Contains an Fe2+-4His arrangement. The enzyme is involved in retinal biosynthesis in bacteria [2].

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1. Ruch, S., Beyer, P., Ernst, H. and Al-Babili, S. Retinal biosynthesis in Eubacteria: in vitro characterization of a novel carotenoid oxygenase from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. Mol. Microbiol. 55 (2005) 1015-1024. [PMID: 15686550]

2. Kloer, D.P., Ruch, S., Al-Babili, S., Beyer, P. and Schulz, G.E. The structure of a retinal-forming carotenoid oxygenase. Science 308 (2005) 267-269. [PMID: 15821095]

[EC created 2010 as EC, transferred 2013 to EC]

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