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Accepted name: sulfoquinovose monooxygenase

Reaction: 6-sulfo-D-quinovose + FMNH2 + O2 = 6-dehydro-D-glucose + FMN + sulfite + H2O

Glossary: D-quinovose = 6-deoxy-D-glucopyranose
6-dehydro-D-glucose = 6-oxo-D-quinovose

Other name(s): 6-deoxy-6-sulfo-D-glucose monooxygenase; smoC (gene name); squD (gene name)

Systematic name: 6-sulfo-D-quinovose,FMNH2:oxygen oxidoreductase

Comments: The enzyme, characterized from the bacteria Agrobacterium fabrum and Rhizobium oryzae, is involved in a D-sulfoquinovose degradation pathway. FMNH2 is provided by an associated FMN reductase [SmoA, EC, FMN reductase (NADH)]..

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1. Liu, J., Wei, Y., Ma, K., An, J., Liu, X., Liu, Y., Ang, E.L., Zhao, H. and Zhang, Y. Mechanistically diverse pathways for sulfoquinovose degradation in bacteria. ACS Catal. 11 (2021) 14740-14750.

2. Sharma, M., Lingford, J.P., Petricevic, M., Snow, A.JD., Zhang, Y., Jarva, M.A., Mui, J.W., Scott, N.E., Saunders, E.C., Mao, R., Epa, R., da Silva, B.M., Pires, D.EV., Ascher, D.B., McConville, M.J., Davies, G.J., Williams, S.J. and Goddard-Borger, E.D. Oxidative desulfurization pathway for complete catabolism of sulfoquinovose by bacteria. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 119 (2022) . [PMID: 35074914]

[EC created 20022]

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