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Accepted name: 4,4'-diapophytoene desaturase

Reaction: 15-cis-4,4'-diapophytoene + 4 FAD = all-trans-4,4'-diapolycopene + 4 FADH2 (overall reaction)
(1a) 15-cis-4,4'-diapophytoene + FAD = all-trans-4,4'-diapophytofluene + FADH2
(1b) all-trans-4,4'-diapophytofluene + FAD = all-trans-4,4'-diapo-ζ-carotene + FADH2
(1c) all-trans-4,4'-diapo-ζ-carotene + FAD = all-trans-4,4'-diaponeurosporene + FADH2
(1d) all-trans-4,4'-diaponeurosporene + FAD = all-trans-4,4'-diapolycopene + FADH2

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Other name(s): dehydrosqualene desaturase; CrtN; 4,4'-diapophytoene:FAD oxidoreductase

Systematic name: 15-cis-4,4'-diapophytoene:FAD oxidoreductase

Comments: Typical of Staphylococcus aureus and some other bacteria such as Heliobacillus sp. Responsible for four successive dehydrogenations. In some species it only proceeds as far as all-trans-4,4'-diaponeurosporene.

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1. Wieland, B., Feil, C., Gloria-Maercker, E., Thumm, G., Lechner, M., Bravo, J.M., Poralla, K. and Gotz, F. Genetic and biochemical analyses of the biosynthesis of the yellow carotenoid 4,4'-diaponeurosporene of Staphylococcus aureus. J. Bacteriol. 176 (1994) 7719-7726. [PMID: 8002598]

2. Raisig, A. and Sandmann, G. 4,4'-diapophytoene desaturase: catalytic properties of an enzyme from the C30 carotenoid pathway of Staphylococcus aureus. J. Bacteriol. 181 (1999) 6184-6187. [PMID: 10498735]

3. Raisig, A. and Sandmann, G. Functional properties of diapophytoene and related desaturases of C30 to C40 carotenoid biosynthetic pathways. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1533 (2001) 164-170. [PMID: 11566453]

[EC created 2011, modified 2011]

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