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Accepted name: nitrite reductase (cytochrome; ammonia-forming)

Reaction: NH3 + 2 H2O + 6 ferricytochrome c = nitrite + 6 ferrocytochrome c + 7 H+

Other names: cytochrome c nitrite reductase; multiheme nitrite reductase

Systematic name: ammonia:ferricytochrome-c oxidoreductase

Comments: Found as a multiheme cytochrome in many bacteria. The enzyme from Escherichia coli contains five hemes c and requires Ca2+. It also reduces nitric oxide and hydroxylamine to ammonia, and sulfite to sulfide.

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1. Einsle, O., Messerschmidt, A., Stach, P. Bourenkov, G.P., Bartunik, H.D., Huber, R. and Kroneck, P.M.H. Structure of cytochrome c nitrite reductase. Nature 400 (1999) 476-480. [PMID: 10440380]

[EC created 2001]

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