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Accepted name: dimethylsulfone reductase

Reaction: dimethyl sulfoxide + H2O + NAD+ = dimethyl sulfone + NADH + H+

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Comments: A molybdoprotein.

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1. Borodina, E., Kelly, D.P., Rainey, F.A., Ward-Rainey, N.L. and Wood, A.P. Dimethylsulfone as a growth substrate for novel methylotrophic species of Hyphomicrobium and Arthrobacter. Arch. Microbiol. 173 (2000) 425-437. [PMID: 10896224]

2. Borodina, E., Kelly, D.P., Schumann, P., Rainey, F.A., Ward-Rainey, N.L. and Wood, A.P. Enzymes of dimethylsulfone metabolism and the phylogenetic characterization of the facultative methylotrophs Arthrobacter sulfonivorans sp. nov., Arthrobacter methylotrophus sp. nov., and Hyphomicrobium sulfonivorans sp. nov. Arch. Microbiol. 177 (2002) 173-183. [PMID: 11807567]

[EC created 2011]

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