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Accepted name: dissimilatory dimethyldisulfide reductase

Reaction: 2 methanethiol + NAD+ = dimethyl disulfide + NADH + H+

Systematic name: methanethiol:NAD+ oxidoreductase (dimethyl disulfide-forming)

Comments: The enzyme's activity has been demonstrated in the bacterium Thiobacillus thioparus E6. The methanethiol formed is eventually oxidized to sulfate and carbon dioxide, and the latter assimilated for autotrophic growth.

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1. Smith, N. A. and Kelly, D. P. Isolation and physiological characterization of authotrophic sulphur bacteria oxidizing dimethyldisulphide as sole source of energy. J. Gen. Microbiol. 134 (1988) 1407-1417.

2. Smith, N. A. and Kelly, D. P. Mechanism of oxidation of dimethyl disulphide by Thiobacillus thioparus E6. J. Gen. Microbiol. 134 (1988) 3031-3039.

[EC created 2019]

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