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Accepted name: thiosulfate dehydrogenase (quinone)

Reaction: 2 thiosulfate + 6-decylubiquinone = tetrathionate + 6-decylubiquinol

Other name(s): thiosulfate:quinone oxidoreductase; thiosulphate:quinone oxidoreductase; thiosulfate oxidoreductase, tetrathionate-forming; TQO

Systematic name: thiosulfate:6-decylubiquinone oxidoreductase

Comments: The reaction can also proceed with ferricyanide as the electron acceptor, but more slowly. Unlike EC, thiosulfate dehydrogenase, this enzyme cannot utilize cytochrome c as an acceptor.

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1. Müller, F.H., Bandeiras, T.M., Urich, T., Teixeira, M., Gomes, C.M. and Kletzin, A. Coupling of the pathway of sulfur oxidation to dioxygen reduction: characterization of a novel membrane-bound thiosulfate:quinone oxidoreductase. Mol. Microbiol. 53 (2004) 1147-1160. [PMID: 15306018]

[EC created 2004]

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