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Accepted name: chlorate reductase

Reaction: reduced acceptor + chlorate = acceptor + H2O + chlorite

Other name(s): chlorate reductase C

Systematic name: chlorite:acceptor oxidoreductase

Comments: Flavins or benzyl viologen can act as acceptor.

Links to other databases: BRENDA, EXPASY, KEGG, Metacyc, UM-BBD, CAS registry number: 60382-73-2


1. Azoulay, E., Mutaftshiev, S. and de Sousa, M.L. Étude des mutants chlorate-résistants chez Escherichia coli K12. III. Mise en évidence et étude de l'activité chlorate-réductase c des mutants chlC-. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 237 (1971) 579-590. [PMID: 4940765]

[EC created 1978]

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