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Accepted name: [methyl-Co(III) methoxylated-aromatic-compound-specific corrinoid protein]—tetrahydrofolate methyltransferase

Reaction: [a methyl-Co(III) methoxylated-aromatic-compound-specific corrinoid protein] + tetrahydrofolate = N5-methyltetrahydrofolate + a [Co(I) methoxylated-aromatic-compound-specific corrinoid protein]

Other name(s): mtvA (gene name)

Systematic name: [methylated methoxylated-aromatic-compound-specific corrinoid protein]:tetrahydrofolaten methyltransferase

Comments: The enzyme, found in acetogenic bacteria, participates in a pathway for the degradation of methoxylated aromatic compounds (methoxydotrophic growth). The enzyme catalyses the transfer of a methyl group bound to the cobalt cofactor of a dedicated corrinoid protein (MtvC) to tetrahydrofolate. cf. EC, [methyl-Co(III) methoxylated-aromatic-compound-specific corrinoid protein]—tetrahydromethanopterin methyltransferase.

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2. Naidu, D. and Ragsdale, S.W. Characterization of a three-component vanillate O-demethylase from Moorella thermoacetica. J. Bacteriol. 183 (2001) 3276-3281. [PMID: 11344134]

3. Pierce, E., Xie, G., Barabote, R.D., Saunders, E., Han, C.S., Detter, J.C., Richardson, P., Brettin, T.S., Das, A., Ljungdahl, L.G. and Ragsdale, S.W. The complete genome sequence of Moorella thermoacetica (f. Clostridium thermoaceticum). Environ. Microbiol. 10 (2008) 2550-2573. [PMID: 18631365]

[EC created 2022]

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