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Accepted name: anthranilate N-benzoyltransferase

Reaction: benzoyl-CoA + anthranilate = CoA + N-benzoylanthranilate

Systematic name: benzoyl-CoA:anthranilate N-benzoyltransferase

Comments: Cinnamoyl-CoA, 4-coumaroyl-CoA and salicyloyl-CoA can act as donors, but more slowly. Involved in the biosynthesis of phytoalexins.

Links to other databases: BRENDA, EXPASY, KEGG, Metacyc, CAS registry number: 125498-59-1


1. Reinhard, K. and Matern, U. The biosynthesis of phytoalexins in Dianthus caryophyllus L. cell cultures: induction of benzoyl-CoA:anthranilate N-benzoyltransferase activity. Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 275 (1989) 295-301. [PMID: 2817901]

[EC created 1992]

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