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Accepted name: acetyl-CoA C-myristoyltransferase

Reaction: myristoyl-CoA + acetyl-CoA = CoA + 3-oxopalmitoyl-CoA

Other name: 3-oxopalmitoyl-CoA hydrolase; 3-oxopalmitoyl-CoA-CoA acetyltransferase

Systematic name: myristoyl-CoA:acetyl-CoA C-myristoyltransferase

Comments: A peroxisomal enzyme involved in branched chain fatty acid β-oxidation in peroxisomes. It differs from EC (propionyl-CoA C2-trimethyldecanoyltransferase) in not being active towards 3-oxopristanoyl-CoA.

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1. Miyazawa, S., Furuta, S., Osumi, T., Hashimoto, T. and Ui, N. Properties of peroxisomal 3-ketoacyl-coA thiolase from rat liver. J Biochem (Tokyo) 90 (1981) 511-519. [PMID: 6117552]

[EC created 2000]

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