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Accepted name: pelargonidin 3-O-(6-caffeoylglucoside) 5-O-(6-O-malonylglucoside) 4'''-malonyltransferase

Reaction: malonyl-CoA + 4'''-demalonylsalvianin = CoA + salvianin

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Glossary: salvianin = pelargonidin 3-O-(6-caffeoyl-β-D-glucoside) 5-O-(4,6-di-O-malonyl-β-D-glucoside)
4'''-demalonylsalvianin = pelargonidin 3-O-(6-caffeoyl-β-D-glucoside) 5-O-(6-O-malonyl-β-D-glucoside)

Other name(s): malonyl-CoA:anthocyanin 5-glucoside 4'''-O-malonyltransferase; Ss5MaT2

Systematic name: malonyl-CoA:4'''-demalonylsalvianin 4'''-O-malonyltransferase

Comments: Isolated from the plant Salvia splendens (scarlet sage).

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1. Suzuki, H., Sawada, S., Watanabe, K., Nagae, S., Yamaguchi, M.A., Nakayama, T. and Nishino, T. Identification and characterization of a novel anthocyanin malonyltransferase from scarlet sage (Salvia splendens) flowers: an enzyme that is phylogenetically separated from other anthocyanin acyltransferases. Plant J. 38 (2004) 994-1003. [PMID: 15165190]

[EC created 2013]

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