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Accepted name: acetyl-CoA-benzylalcohol acetyltransferase

Reaction: (1) acetyl-CoA + benzyl alcohol = CoA + benzyl acetate
(2) acetyl-CoA + cinnamyl alcohol = CoA + cinnamyl acetate

Other name(s): BEAT

Systematic name: acetyl-CoA:benzylalcohol O-acetyltransferase

Comments: The enzyme is found in flowers like Clarkia breweri, where it is important for floral scent production. Unlike EC, alcohol O-acetyltransferase, this enzyme is active with alcohols that contain a benzyl ring.

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1. Dudareva, N., D'Auria, J.C., Nam, K.H., Raguso, R.A. and Pichersky, E. Acetyl-CoA:benzylalcohol acetyltransferase - an enzyme involved in floral scent production in Clarkia breweri. Plant J. 14 (1998) 297-304. [PMID: 9628024]

[EC created 2013]

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