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Accepted name: crocetin glucosyltransferase

Reaction: (1) UDP-α-D-glucose + crocetin = UDP + β-D-glucosyl crocetin
(2) UDP-α-D-glucose + β-D-glucosyl crocetin = UDP + bis(β-D-glucosyl) crocetin
(3) UDP-α-D-glucose + β-D-gentiobiosyl crocetin = UDP + β-D-gentiobiosyl β-D-glucosyl crocetin

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Other name(s): crocetin GTase; UGTCs2; UGT75L6; UDP-glucose:crocetin glucosyltransferase; UDP-glucose:crocetin 8-O-D-glucosyltransferase

Systematic name: UDP-α-D-glucose:crocetin 8-O-D-glucosyltransferase

Comments: In the plants Crocus sativus and Gardenia jasminoides this enzyme esterifies a free carboxyl group of crocetin and some crocetin glycosyl esters. The enzyme from Gardenia can also form glucosyl esters with 4-coumarate, caffeate and ferulate [3].

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1. Côté, F., Cormier, F., Dufresne, C. and Willemot, C. Properties of a glucosyltransferase involved in crocin synthesis. Plant Sci. 153 (2000) 55-63.

2. Moraga, A.R., Nohales, P.F., Perez, J.A. and Gomez-Gomez, L. Glucosylation of the saffron apocarotenoid crocetin by a glucosyltransferase isolated from Crocus sativus stigmas. Planta 219 (2004) 955-966. [PMID: 15605174]

3. Nagatoshi, M., Terasaka, K., Owaki, M., Sota, M., Inukai, T., Nagatsu, A. and Mizukami, H. UGT75L6 and UGT94E5 mediate sequential glucosylation of crocetin to crocin in Gardenia jasminoides. FEBS Lett 586 (2012) 1055-1061. [PMID: 22569263]

[EC created 2011]

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