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Accepted name: N-acetylglucosaminyl-diphospho-decaprenol L-rhamnosyltransferase

Reaction: dTDP-6-deoxy-β-L-mannose + N-acetyl-α-D-glucosaminyl-diphospho-trans,octacis-decaprenol = dTDP + α-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→3)-N-acetyl-α-D-glucosaminyl-diphospho-trans,octacis-decaprenol

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Glossary: dTDP-6-deoxy-β-L-mannose = dTDP-4-β-L-rhamnose

Other name(s): WbbL

Systematic name: dTDP-6-deoxy-β-L-mannose:N-acetyl-α-D-glucosaminyl-diphospho-trans,octacis-decaprenol 3-α-L-rhamnosyltransferase

Comments: Requires Mn2+ or Mg2+. Isolated from Mycobacterium smegmatis [1] and Mycobacterium tuberculosis [2]. The enzyme catalyses the addition of a rhamnosyl unit to N-acetyl-α-D-glucosaminyl-diphospho-trans,octacis-decaprenol, completing the synthesis of the linkage unit that attaches the arabinogalactan moiety to the peptidoglycan moiety in Mycobacterial cell wall.

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1. Mills, J.A., Motichka, K., Jucker, M., Wu, H.P., Uhlik, B.C., Stern, R.J., Scherman, M.S., Vissa, V.D., Pan, F., Kundu, M., Ma, Y.F. and McNeil, M. Inactivation of the mycobacterial rhamnosyltransferase, which is needed for the formation of the arabinogalactan-peptidoglycan linker, leads to irreversible loss of viability. J. Biol. Chem. 279 (2004) 43540-43546. [PMID: 15294902]

2. Grzegorzewicz, A.E., Ma, Y., Jones, V., Crick, D., Liav, A. and McNeil, M.R. Development of a microtitre plate-based assay for lipid-linked glycosyltransferase products using the mycobacterial cell wall rhamnosyltransferase WbbL. Microbiology 154 (2008) 3724-3730. [PMID: 19047740]

[EC created 2012]

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