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Accepted name: glucosylgalactose phosphorylase

Reaction: β-D-glucosyl-(1→4)-D-galactose + phosphate = α-D-glucopyranose 1-phosphate + D-galactopyranose

Other name(s): 4-O-β-D-glucosyl-D-galactose phosphorylase

Systematic name: β-D-glucosyl-(1→4)-D-galactose:phosphate α-D-glucosyltransferase (configuration-inverting)

Comments: The enzyme from the bacterium Paenibacillus polymyxa belongs to glycoside hydrolase family 94. It has a much lower activity with 4-O-β-D-glucosyl-L-arabinose.

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1. De Doncker, M., De Graeve, C., Franceus, J., Beerens, K., Kren, V., Pelantova, H., Vercauteren, R. and Desmet, T. Exploration of GH94 sequence space for enzyme discovery reveals a novel glucosylgalactose phosphorylase specificity. ChemBioChem (2021) . [PMID: 34541742]

[EC created 2022]

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