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Accepted name: [amino-group carrier protein]-γ-(L-ornithyl)-L-glutamate aminotransferase

Reaction: an [amino-group carrier protein]-C-terminal-[γ-(L-ornithyl)-L-glutamate] + 2-oxoglutarate = an [amino-group carrier protein]-C-terminal-[γ-(L-glutamate 5-semialdehyde-2-yl)-L-glutamate] + L-glutamate

Other name(s): lysJ (gene name)

Systematic name: 2-oxoglutarate:[amino-group carrier protein]-C-terminal-[γ-(L-ornithyl)-L-glutamate] aminotransferase

Comments: The enzyme participates in an L-arginine biosynthetic pathway that operates in certain species of archaea. In some cases the enzyme also catalyses the activity of EC, [amino-group carrier protein]-γ-(L-lysyl)-L-glutamate aminotransferase.

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1. Yoshida, A., Tomita, T., Atomi, H., Kuzuyama, T. and Nishiyama, M. Lysine biosynthesis of Thermococcus kodakarensis with the capacity to function as an ornithine biosynthetic system. J. Biol. Chem. 291 (2016) 21630-21643. [PMID: 27566549]

[EC created 2022]

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