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Accepted name: ornithine aminotransferase

Reaction: L-ornithine + a 2-oxo carboxylate = L-glutamate 5-semialdehyde + an L-amino acid

Other name(s): ornithine δ-transaminase; L-ornithine:α-ketoglutarate δ-aminotransferase; OAT; L-ornithine 5-aminotransferase; L-ornithine aminotransferase; ornithine 5-aminotransferase; ornithine transaminase; ornithine-α-ketoglutarate aminotransferase; ornithine-2-oxoacid aminotransferase; ornithine-keto acid aminotransferase; ornithine-keto acid transaminase; ornithine-ketoglutarate aminotransferase; ornithine-oxo acid aminotransferase; ornithine:α-oxoglutarate transaminase; ornithine—oxo-acid transaminase

Systematic name: L-ornithine:2-oxo-acid aminotransferase

Comments: A pyridoxal-phosphate protein.

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5. Quastel, J.H. and Witty, R. Ornithine transaminase. Nature 167 (1951) 556 only.

6. Strecker, H.J. Purification and properties of rat liver ornithine δ-transaminase. J. Biol. Chem. 240 (1965) 1225-1230.

[EC created 1961]

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