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Accepted name: 2-aminobenzoylacetyl-CoA thioesterase

Reaction: 2-aminobenzoylacetyl-CoA + H2O = (2-aminobenzoyl)acetate + CoA

Other name(s): pqsE (gene name)

Systematic name: (2-aminobenzoyl)acetyl-CoA hydrolase

Comments: The enzyme, characterized from the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa, participates in the production of the signal molecule 2-heptyl-4(1H)-quinolone (HHQ).

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1. Yu, S., Jensen, V., Seeliger, J., Feldmann, I., Weber, S., Schleicher, E., Haussler, S. and Blankenfeldt, W. Structure elucidation and preliminary assessment of hydrolase activity of PqsE, the Pseudomonas quinolone signal (PQS) response protein. Biochemistry 48 (2009) 10298-10307. [PMID: 19788310]

2. Drees, S.L. and Fetzner, S. PqsE of Pseudomonas aeruginosa acts as pathway-specific thioesterase in the biosynthesis of alkylquinolone signaling molecules. Chem. Biol. 22 (2015) 611-618. [PMID: 25960261]

[EC created 2016]

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