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Accepted name: phosphoethanolamine/phosphocholine phosphatase

Reaction: (1) O-phosphoethanolamine + H2O = ethanolamine + phosphate

(2) phosphocholine + H2O = choline + phosphate

Other name(s): PHOSPHO1; 3X11A

Systematic name: phosphoethanolamine phosphohydrolase

Comments: Requires active site Mg2+ but also works, to a lesser extent, with Co2+ and Mn2+. The enzyme is highly specific for phosphoethanolamine and phosphocholine.

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1. Houston, B., Seawright, E., Jefferies, D., Hoogland, E., Lester, D., Whitehead, C. and Farquharson, C. Identification and cloning of a novel phosphatase expressed at high levels in differentiating growth plate chondrocytes. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1448 (1999) 500-506. [PMID: 9990301]

2. Stewart, A.J., Schmid, R., Blindauer, C.A., Paisey, S.J. and Farquharson, C. Comparative modelling of human PHOSPHO1 reveals a new group of phosphatases within the haloacid dehalogenase superfamily. Protein Eng. 16 (2003) 889-895. [PMID: 14983068]

3. Roberts, S.J., Stewart, A.J., Sadler, P.J. and Farquharson C. Human PHOSPHO1 displays high specific phosphoethanolamine and phosphocholine phosphatase activities. Biochem. J. 382 (2004) 59-65. [PMID: 15175005]

[EC created 2004]

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