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Accepted name: L-galactose 1-phosphate phosphatase

Reaction: β-L-galactose 1-phosphate + H2O = L-galactose + phosphate

Other name(s): VTC4 (gene name) (ambiguous); IMPL2 (gene name) (ambiguous)

Systematic name: β-L-galactose-1-phosphate phosphohydrolase

Comments: The enzyme from plants also has the activity of EC, inositol-phosphate phosphatase. The enzymes have very low activity with D-galactose 1-phosphate (cf. EC, D-galactose 1-phosphate phosphatase).

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1. Laing, W.A., Bulley, S., Wright, M., Cooney, J., Jensen, D., Barraclough, D. and MacRae, E. A highly specific L-galactose-1-phosphate phosphatase on the path to ascorbate biosynthesis. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 101 (2004) 16976-16981. [PMID: 15550539]

2. Torabinejad, J., Donahue, J.L., Gunesekera, B.N., Allen-Daniels, M.J. and Gillaspy, G.E. VTC4 is a bifunctional enzyme that affects myoinositol and ascorbate biosynthesis in plants. Plant Physiol. 150 (2009) 951-961. [PMID: 19339506]

3. Petersen, L.N., Marineo, S., Mandala, S., Davids, F., Sewell, B.T. and Ingle, R.A. The missing link in plant histidine biosynthesis: Arabidopsis myoinositol monophosphatase-like2 encodes a functional histidinol-phosphate phosphatase. Plant Physiol. 152 (2010) 1186-1196. [PMID: 20023146]

[EC created 2014]

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