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Accepted name: carbon disulfide hydrolase

Reaction: carbon disulfide + 2 H2O = CO2 + 2 hydrogen sulfide (overall reaction)
(1a) carbon disulfide + H2O = carbonyl sulfide + hydrogen sulfide
(1b) carbonyl sulfide + H2O = CO2 + hydrogen sulfide

Other name(s): CS2 hydrolase (misleading); carbon disulfide lyase; CS2-converting enzyme; carbon disulphide-lyase (decarboxylating)

Systematic name: carbon-disulfide hydrogen-sulfide-lyase (decarboxylating)

Comments: The enzyme contains Zn2+. The hyperthermophilic archaeon Acidianus sp. A1-3 obtains energy by the conversion of carbon disulfide to hydrogen sulfide, with carbonyl sulfide as an intermediate.

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1. Smeulders, M.J., Barends, T.R., Pol, A., Scherer, A., Zandvoort, M.H., Udvarhelyi, A., Khadem, A.F., Menzel, A., Hermans, J., Shoeman, R.L., Wessels, H.J., van den Heuvel, L.P., Russ, L., Schlichting, I., Jetten, M.S. and Op den Camp, H.J. Evolution of a new enzyme for carbon disulphide conversion by an acidothermophilic archaeon. Nature 478 (2011) 412-416. [PMID: 22012399]

[EC created 2013 as EC, transferred 2017 to EC]

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