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Accepted name: limit dextrinase

Reaction: Hydrolysis of (1→6)-α-D-glucosidic linkages in α- and β-limit dextrins of amylopectin and glycogen, and in amylopectin and pullulan

Glossary: pullulan = a linear polymer of (1→6)-linked maltotriose units

Other name(s): R-enzyme; amylopectin-1,6-glucosidase; dextrin α-1,6-glucanohydrolase

Systematic name: dextrin 6-α-glucanohydrolase

Comments: Plant enzymes with little or no action on glycogen. Action on amylopectin is incomplete, but action on α-limit dextrins is complete. Maltose is the smallest sugar it can release from an α-(1→6)-linkage.

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1. Gordon, R.W., Manners, D.J. and Stark, J.R. The limit dextrinase of the broad bean (Vicia faba). Carbohydr. Res. 42 (1975) 125-134.

2. Manners, D.J. Observations on the specificity and nomenclature of starch debranching enzymes. J. Appl. Glycosci. 44 (1997) 83-85.

[EC created 2000]

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