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Accepted name: cellulase

Reaction: Endohydrolysis of (1→4)-β-D-glucosidic linkages in cellulose, lichenin and cereal β-D-glucans

Other name(s): endo-1,4-β-D-glucanase; β-1,4-glucanase; β-1,4-endoglucan hydrolase; celluase A; cellulosin AP; endoglucanase D; alkali cellulase; cellulase A 3; celludextrinase; 9.5 cellulase; avicelase; pancellase SS; 1,4-(1,3;1,4)-β-D-glucan 4-glucanohydrolase

Systematic name: 4-(1,3;1,4)-β-D-glucan 4-glucanohydrolase

Comments: Will also hydrolyse 1,4-linkages in β-D-glucans also containing 1,3-linkages.

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[EC created 1961, modified 2001]

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