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Accepted name: subtilisin

Reaction: Hydrolysis of proteins with broad specificity for peptide bonds, and a preference for a large uncharged residue in P1. Hydrolyses peptide amides

Other names: alcalase; alcalase 0.6L; alcalase 2.5L; ALK-enzyme; bacillopeptidase A; bacillopeptidase B; Bacillus subtilis alkaline proteinase bioprase; bioprase AL 15; bioprase APL 30; colistinase; (see also comments); subtilisin J; subtilisin S41; subtilisin Sendai; subtilisin GX; subtilisin E; subtilisin BL; genenase I; esperase; maxatase; alcalase; thermoase PC 10; protease XXVII; thermoase; superase; subtilisin DY; subtilopeptidase; SP 266; savinase 8.0L; savinase 4.0T; kazusase; protease VIII; opticlean; Bacillus subtilis alkaline proteinase; protin A 3L; savinase; savinase 16.0L; savinase 32.0 L EX; orientase 10B; protease S

Comments: Subtilisin is a serine endopeptidase, type example of peptidase family S8. It contains no cysteine residues (although these are found in homologous enzymes). Species variants include subtilisin BPN' (also subtilisin B, subtilopeptidase B, subtilopeptidase C, Nagarse, Nagarse proteinase, subtilisin Novo, bacterial proteinase Novo) and subtilisin Carlsberg (subtilisin A, subtilopeptidase A, alcalase Novo). Formerly EC and included in EC Similar enzymes are produced by various Bacillus subtilis strains and other Bacillus species [1,3]

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[EC created 1992 (EC created 1961 as EC, transferred 1972 to EC, modified 1986, part incorporated 1992)]

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