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Accepted name: togavirin

Reaction: Autocatalytic release of the core protein from the N-terminus of the togavirus structural polyprotein by hydrolysis of a -TrpSer- bond

Other names: Sindbis virus protease; Sindbis virus core protein; NsP2 proteinase

Comments: Known from the Sindbis and Semliki forest togaviruses. Once released, the core protein does not retain catalytic activity. Togavirin is the type example of peptidase family S3 and has a similar tertiary structure to chymotrypsin [3]

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1. Kräusslich, H.-G. and Wimmer, E. Viral proteinases. Annu. Rev. Biochem. 57 (1988) 701-754. [PMID: 3052288]

2. Strauss, E.G., De Groot, R.J., Levinson, R. and Strauss, J.H. Identification of the active site residues in the nsP2 proteinase of Sindbis virus. Virology 191 (1992) 932-940. [PMID: 1448929]

3. Tong, L., Wengler, G. and Rossmann, M.G. Refined structure of Sindbis virus core protein and comparison with other chymotrypsin-like serine proteinase structures. J. Mol. Biol. 230 (1993) 228-247. [PMID: 8450538]

[EC created 1995]

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