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Accepted name: fragilysin

Reaction: Broad proteolytic specificity, bonds hydrolysed including -GlyLeu-, -MetLeu-, -PheLeu-, -CysLeu-, LeuGly

Other names: Bacteroides fragilis (entero)toxin

Comments: Thought to be a cause of diarrhoea in animals and humans. Hydrolyses extracellular matrix proteins, and disrupts tight junctions of intestinal epithelial cells. Also degrades intracellular, cytoskeletal proteins actin, myosin and others. In peptidase family M10 (interstitial collagenase family)

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1. Moncrief, J.S., Obiso, R., Jr., Barroso, L.A., Kling, J.J., Wright, R.L., Van Tassell, R.L., Lyerly, D.M. and Wilkins, T.D. The enterotoxin of Bacteroides fragilis is a metalloprotease. Infect. Immun. 63 (1995) 175-181. [PMID: 7806355]

2. Obiso, R.J., Jr., Lyerly, D.M., Van Tassell, R.L. and Wilkins, T.D. Proteolytic activity of the Bacteroides fragilis enterotoxin causes fluid secretion and intestinal damage in vivo. Infect. Immun. 63 (1995) 3820-3826. [PMID: 7558286]

3. Donelli, G., Fabbri, A. and Fiorentini, C. Bacteroides fragilis enterotoxin induces cytoskeletal changes and surface blebbing in HT-29 cells. Infect. Immun. 64 (1996) 113-119. [PMID: 8557328]

4. Koshy, S.S., Montrose, M.H. and Sears, C.L. Human intestinal epithelial cells swell and demonstrate actin rearrangement in response to the metalloprotease toxin of Bacteroides fragilis. Infect. Immun. 64 (1996) 5022-5028. [PMID: 8945541]

5. Kling, J.J., Wright, R.L., Moncrief, J.S. and Wilkins, T.D. Cloning and characterization of the gene for the metalloprotease enterotoxin of Bacteroides fragilis. FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 146 (1997) 279-284. [PMID: 9011050]

[EC created 1997]

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