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Accepted name: ADAMTS-4 endopeptidase

Reaction: Glutamyl endopeptidase; bonds cleaved include -Thr-Glu-Gly-Glu373Ala-Arg-Gly-Ser- in the interglobular domain of mammalian aggrecan

Other name(s): aggrecanase-1

Comments: In peptidase family M12. Thought to be biologically significant for the degradation of the aggrecan component of cartilage matrix.

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1. Westling, J., Fosang, A.J., Last, K., Thompson, V.P., Tomkinson, K.N., Hebert, T., McDonagh, T., Collins-Racie, L.A., LaVallie, E.R., Morris, E.A. and Sandy, J.D. ADAMTS4 cleaves at the aggrecanase site (Glu373-Ala374) and secondarily at the matrix metalloproteinase site (Asn341-Phe342) in the aggrecan interglobular domain. J. Biol. Chem. 277 (2002) 16059-16066. [PMID: 11854269]

[EC created 2003]

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