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Accepted name: ADAMTS13 endopeptidase

Reaction: The enzyme cleaves the von Willebrand factor at bond Tyr842Met843 within the A2 domain, i.e. Tyr1605Met1606 in von Willebrand factor.

Other name(s): ADAMTS VWF cleaving metalloprotease; ADAMTS-13; ADAMTS13; vWF-cleaving protease; VWF-CP; vWF-degrading protease; Upshaw factor; von Willebrand factor cleaving protease; ADAMTS13 peptidase

Comments: In peptidase family M12.

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1. Fujikawa, K., Suzuki, H., McMullen, B. and Chung, D. Purification of human von Willebrand factor-cleaving protease and its identification as a new member of the metalloproteinase family. Blood 98 (2001) 1662-1666. [PMID: 11535495]

2. Dong, J.F., Moake, J.L., Nolasco, L., Bernardo, A., Arceneaux, W., Shrimpton, C.N., Schade, A.J., McIntire, L.V., Fujikawa, K. and Lopez, J.A. ADAMTS-13 rapidly cleaves newly secreted ultralarge von Willebrand factor multimers on the endothelial surface under flowing conditions. Blood 100 (2002) 4033-4039. [PMID: 12393397]

[EC created 2009]

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