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Accepted name: phthalyl amidase

Reaction: a phthalylamide + H2O = phthalic acid + a substituted amine

Systematic name: phthalyl-amide amidohydrolase

Comments: in the entry, "phthalyl" is used to mean "2-carboxybenzoyl". The enzyme from Xanthobacter agilis hydrolyses phthalylated amino acids, peptides, β-lactams, aromatic and aliphatic amines. The substituent on nitrogen may be an alkyl group, but may also be complex, giving an amino acid or peptide derivative. Substitutions on the phthalyl ring include 6-F, 6-NH2, 3-OH, and a nitrogen in the aromatic ring ortho to the carboxy group attached to the amine. No cofactors are required

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1. Briggs, B.S., Kreuzman, A.J., Whitesitt, C., Yeh, W.K., Zmijewski, M. Discovery, purification, and properties of o-phthalyl amidase from Xanthobacter agilis. J. Mol. Catal., B Enzym. 2 (1996) 53-69.

2. Black, T.D., Briggs, B.S., Evans, R., Muth, W.L., Vangala, S., Zmijewski, M.J. o-Phthalyl amidase in the synthesis of Loracarbef: process development using this novel biocatalyst. Biotechnol. Lett. 18 (1996) 875-880.

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4. Briggs, B.S., Zmijewski, M.J. Enzyme from microbial source: phthalyl amidase. Patent US5445959, 1995. Chem. Abstr. 123 (1995) 250104 (PDF).

[EC created 1999]

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