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Accepted name: β-lactamase

Reaction: A β-lactam + H2O = a substituted β-amino acid

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Other name(s): penicillinase; cephalosporinase; neutrapen; penicillin β-lactamase; exopenicillinase; ampicillinase; penicillin amido-β-lactamhydrolase; penicillinase I; penicillinase II; β-lactamase I; β-lactamase II; β-lactamase III; β-lactamase A; β-lactamase B; β-lactamase C; β-lactamase AME I; cephalosporin-β-lactamase

Systematic name: β-lactam hydrolase

Comments: A group of enzymes of varying specificity hydrolysing β-lactams; some act more rapidly on penicillins, some more rapidly on cephalosporins. The latter were formerly listed as EC, cephalosporinase.

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[EC created 1961, modified 1981 (EC created 1972, incorporated 1978)]

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