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Accepted name: tRNA(cytosine8) deaminase

Reaction: cytosine8 in tRNA + H2O = uracil8 in tRNA + NH3

Other name(s): CDAT8

Systematic name: tRNA(cytosine8) aminohydrolase

Comments: The enzyme from Methanopyrus kandleri specifically catalyses the deamimation of cytosine at position 8 of tRNA in 30 different tRNAs. This cytosine-to-uracil editing guarantees the proper folding and functionality of the tRNAs.

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1. Randau, L., Stanley, B.J., Kohlway, A., Mechta, S., Xiong, Y. and Söll, D. A cytidine deaminase edits C to U in transfer RNAs in Archaea. Science 324 (2009) 657-659. [PMID: 19407206]

[EC created 2013]

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