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Accepted name: 2,4-didehydro-3-deoxy-L-rhamnonate hydrolase

Reaction: 2,4-didehydro-3-deoxy-L-rhamnonate + H2O = pyruvate + (S)-lactate

Other name(s): L-2,4-diketo-3-deoxyrhamnonate hydrolase; lra6 (gene name)

Systematic name: 2,4-didehydro-3-deoxy-L-rhamnonate hydrolase

Comments: The enzyme, characterized from the bacterium Sphingomonas sp. SKA58, participates in an L-rhamnose degradation pathway.

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1. Watanabe, S. and Makino, K. Novel modified version of nonphosphorylated sugar metabolism - an alternative L-rhamnose pathway of Sphingomonas sp. FEBS J. 276 (2009) 1554-1567. [PMID: 19187228]

[EC created 2020]

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