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Accepted name: isopimara-7,15-diene synthase

Reaction: (+)-copalyl diphosphate = isopimara-7,15-diene + diphosphate

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Glossary: isopimara-7,15-diene = 13α-pimara-7,15-diene

Other name(s): PaTPS-Iso; copalyl diphosphate-lyase (isopimara-7,15-diene-forming)

Systematic name: (+)-copalyl diphosphate-lyase (isopimara-7,15-diene-forming)

Comment: The enzyme only gave isopimara-7,15-diene.

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Martin, D.M., Faldt, J. and Bohlmann, J. Functional characterization of nine Norway Spruce TPS genes and evolution of gymnosperm terpene synthases of the TPS-d subfamily. Plant Physiol. 135 (2004) 1908-1927. [PMID: 15310829]

[EC created 2009]

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