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Accepted name: α-farnesene synthase

Reaction: (2E,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate = (3E,6E)-α-farnesene + diphosphate

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Other name(s): (E,E)-α-farnesene synthase; AFS1; MdAFS1

Systematic name: (2E,6E)-farnesyl-diphosphate lyase [(3E,6E)-α-farnesene-forming]

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1. Pechous, S.W. and Whitaker, B.D. Cloning and functional expression of an (E,E)-α-farnesene synthase cDNA from peel tissue of apple fruit. Planta 219 (2004) 84-94. [PMID: 14740213]

2. Green, S., Squire, C.J., Nieuwenhuizen, N.J., Baker, E.N. and Laing, W. Defining the potassium binding region in an apple terpene synthase. J. Biol. Chem. 284 (2009) 8661-8669. [PMID: 19181671]

3. Nieuwenhuizen, N.J., Wang, M.Y., Matich, A.J., Green, S.A., Chen, X., Yauk, Y.K., Beuning, L.L., Nagegowda, D.A., Dudareva, N. and Atkinson, R.G. Two terpene synthases are responsible for the major sesquiterpenes emitted from the flowers of kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa). J. Exp. Bot. 60 (2009) 3203-3219. [PMID: 19516075]

[EC created 2010]

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