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Accepted name: tuliposide A-converting enzyme

Reaction: 6-tuliposide A = tulipalin A + D-glucose

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Glossary: 6-tuliposide A = 6-O-(4-hydroxy-2-methylenebutanoyl)-D-glucose
tulipalin A = 2-methylenebutanolactone

Other name(s): tuliposide-converting enzyme; 6-O-(4'-hydroxy-2'-methylenebutyryl)-D-glucose acyltransferase (lactone-forming); TCA; TCEA

Systematic name: 6-tuliposide A D-glucose-lyase (tulipalin A forming)

Comments: Isolated from the plant Tulipa gesneriana (tulip). The reaction is an intramolecular transesterification producing the lactone. The enzyme also has a weak activity with 6-tuliposide B and 6-O-benzoyl-D-glucose.

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1. Kato, Y., Shoji, K., Ubukata, M., Shigetomi, K., Sato, Y., Nakajima, N. and Ogita, S. Purification and characterization of a tuliposide-converting enzyme from bulbs of Tulipa gesneriana. Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem. 73 (2009) 1895-1897. [PMID: 19661715]

2. Nomura, T., Ogita, S. and Kato, Y. A novel lactone-forming carboxylesterase: molecular identification of a tuliposide A-converting enzyme in tulip. Plant Physiol. 159 (2012) 565-578. [PMID: 22474185]

[EC created 2013]

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