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Accepted name: pancreatic ribonuclease

Reaction: (1) an [RNA] containing cytidine + H2O = an [RNA]-3'-cytidine-3'-phosphate + a 5'-hydroxy-ribonucleotide-3'-[RNA] (overall reaction)
(1a) an [RNA] containing cytidine = an [RNA]-3'-cytidine-2',3'-cyclophosphate + a 5'-hydroxy-ribonucleotide-3'-[RNA]
(1b) an [RNA]-3'-cytidine-2',3'-cyclophosphate + H2O = an [RNA]-3'-cytidine-3'-phosphate
(2) an [RNA] containing uridine + H2O = an [RNA]-3'-uridine-3'-phosphate + a 5'-hydroxy-ribonucleotide-3'-[RNA]
(2a) an [RNA] containing uridine = an [RNA]-3'-uridine-2',3'-cyclophosphate + a 5'-hydroxy-ribonucleotide-3'-[RNA]
(1b) an [RNA]-3'-uridine-2',3'-cyclophosphate + H2O = an [RNA]-3'-uridine-3'-phosphate

Other name(s): RNase; RNase I; RNase A; pancreatic RNase; ribonuclease I; endoribonuclease I; ribonucleic phosphatase; alkaline ribonuclease; ribonuclease; gene S glycoproteins; Ceratitis capitata alkaline ribonuclease; SLSG glycoproteins; gene S locus-specific glycoproteins; S-genotype-asssocd. glycoproteins; ribonucleate 3'-pyrimidino-oligonucleotidohydrolase

Systematic name: RNA lyase ([RNA]-3'-cytidine/uridine-3'-phosphate and 5'-hydroxy-ribonucleotide-3'-[RNA] producing)

Comments: Specifically cleaves at the 3'-side of pyrimidine (uracil or cytosine) phosphate bonds in RNA. The reaction takes place in two steps, with the 2',3'-cyclic phosphodiester intermediates released from the enzyme at the completion of the first step. Hydrolysis of these cyclic compounds occurs at a much slower rate through a reversal of the first step, in which the -OH group of water substitutes for the 2'-OH group of the ribose used in the first step, and does not take place until essentially all the susceptible 3',5'-phosphodiester bonds have been cyclised. The enzyme can act as an endo- or exo ribonuclease.

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[EC created 1972 as EC, transferred 1978 to EC, modified 1981, transferred 2018 to EC]

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