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Accepted name: heme ligase

Reaction: 2 ferriprotoporphyrin IX = β-hematin

Other name(s): heme detoxification protein; HDP; hemozoin synthase

Systematic name: Fe3+:ferriprotoporphyrin IX ligase (β-hematin-forming)

Comments: This heme detoxifying enzyme is found in Plasmodium parasites and converts toxic heme to crystalline hemozoin. These organisms lack the mammalian heme oxygenase for elimination of heme.

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1. Jani, D., Nagarkatti, R., Beatty, W., Angel, R., Slebodnick, C., Andersen, J., Kumar, S. and Rathore, D. HDP-a novel heme detoxification protein from the malaria parasite. PLoS Pathog. 4 (2008) e1000053. [PMID: 18437218]

[EC created 2009]

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