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Accepted name: hydantoin racemase

Reaction: D-5-monosubstituted hydantoin = L-5-monosubstituted hydantoin

Glossary: hydantoin = imidazolidine-2,4-dione

Other name(s): 5'-monosubstituted-hydantoin racemase; HyuA; HyuE;

Systematic name: D-5-monosubstituted-hydantoin racemase

Comments: This enzyme, along with N-carbamoylase (EC and EC and hydantoinase, forms part of the reaction cascade known as the "hydantoinase process", which allows the total conversion of D,L-5-monosubstituted hydantoins into optically pure D- or L-amino acids [7]. The enzyme from Pseudomonas sp. (HyuE) has a preference for hydantoins with aliphatic substituents, e.g. D- and L-5-[2-(methylsulfanyl)ethyl]hydantoin, whereas that from Arthrobacter aurescens shows highest activity with arylalkyl substituents, especially 5-benzylhydantoin, at the 5-position [2]. In the enzyme from Sinorhizobium meliloti, Cys76 is responsible for recognition and proton retrieval of D-isomers, while Cys181 is responsible for L-isomer recognition and racemization [6].

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[EC created 2008]

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