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Accepted name: phosphoacetylglucosamine mutase

Reaction: N-acetyl-α-D-glucosamine 1-phosphate = N-acetyl-D-glucosamine 6-phosphate

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Other name(s): acetylglucosamine phosphomutase; acetylglucosamine phosphomutase; acetylaminodeoxyglucose phosphomutase; phospho-N-acetylglucosamine mutase; N-acetyl-D-glucosamine 1,6-phosphomutase

Systematic name: N-acetyl-α-D-glucosamine 1,6-phosphomutase

Comments: The enzyme is activated by N-acetyl-α-D-glucosamine 1,6-bisphosphate. Formerly EC

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1. Carlson, D.M. Phosphoacetylglucosamine mutase from pig submaxillary gland. Methods Enzymol. 8 (1966) 179-182.

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4. Reissig, J.L. and Leloir, L.F. Phosphoacetylglucosamine mutase from Neurospora. Methods Enzymol. 8 (1966) 175-178.

[EC created 1961 as EC, transferred 1984 to EC]

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