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Accepted name: linalool isomerase

Reaction: (RS)-linalool = geraniol

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Other name(s): 3,1-hydroxyl-Δ12-mutase (linalool isomerase)

Systematic name: (RS)-linalool hydroxymutase

Comments: Isolated from the bacterium Thauera linaloolentis grown on (RS)-linalool as the sole source of carbon. Unlike EC, geraniol isomerase, which only acts on (S)-linalool, this enzyme acts equally well on both enantiomers.

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1. Marmulla, R., Šafarić, B., Markert, S., Schweder, T. and Harder, J. Linalool isomerase, a membrane-anchored enzyme in the anaerobic monoterpene degradation in Thauera linaloolentis 47Lol. BMC Biochem. 17 (2016) 6. [PMID: 26979141]

[EC created 2017]

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